GEMINI represents a remarkable milestone in Ben Collongues' artistic journey, marking their debut in the realm of gallery exhibitions. Within this collection, viewers are granted a glimpse into Ben's profound portraiture, introspective self-portraiture, captivating travel photography, and compelling collaborative work. Paying homage to their sun sign, Gemini, and its ruler, Mercury, the collection embodies a rich tapestry of imagery.

Ben's keen eye masterfully captures their varied interests and celebrates the multitudes of identities that reside within us all. A theme of duality echoes throughout their work, encapsulating the interplay of light and dark, the urban metropolis juxtaposed against the natural world, the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and the dynamic interplay between masculine and feminine energies. Mercurial motifs of travel, transportation, movement, and hues of blue feature prominently, invoking a sense of exploration and the discovery of new horizons.

Through the lens of Gemini's duality and Mercury's ethereal influence, Ben Collongues' photography transcends mere visual representation, evoking introspection and inviting viewers on a transformative journey through the realms of identity, expression, and the allure of the human experience.

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